The following are letters from students and school administrators from schools visited by Cory®!

GreenForest MaCaleb Christian Academy (GMCA)

Dear Mr. Coleman, I’m a third grader at GMCA and I went to see The Adventure of Cory last month. I think the play was great! My favorite part is when cory found his way home and when the people sang songs. Its is so great I can’t explain how great it is!!!. –Sincerely, K.B

Dear. Mr. Coleman, I am a third grader at GMCA, I went to see The Adventure of Cory. I learn that disobeying is not good. You should listen to your parent always,and you must be helpful to your parents. –Sincerely,KL

Dear. Mr. Coleman, I am a third grade at GMCA and I went to see The Adventure of Cory last month.My favorite part was when Cory and Trent danced together. My least favorite part was when the play was over. I think your play was super,super,super excellent!!! My favorite charcter was the police bear. –Sincerely, Kyla

Dear Mr. Coleman, I am a third grader at GMCA and I went to see The Acdventure of Cory last month .It was awesome , My favorite parts were the park rangers and my most favorite part of the park rangers was the rules list .My favorite characters were Cory,Owl and Trent. My least favorite part was when it was. I loved all the parts of the show . Your show was very very great . Hope you have another one like that soon. –Sincerely, S.B.

Edwin S. Kemp Primary School

Dear Mr. Coleman: Awesome! The Adventure of Cory, what an awesome story . The picturesque pages are a delight for any child to read. The pictures alone enable any child to tell a story as they adventure through the pages just by looking at the colorful characters. The Adventures of Cory is a wonderful book written for children and on a child’s level. The wonderful story allows children to not only see themselves but is serves as a teacher tool on character.

Mr. Coleman, when you read to our pre-k through second grade classes, I was struck in awe as some of the children stated,”Cory’s going to get in trouble!” The book is a must read and must buy for any family who needs to talk on a child’s level about disobedience. Cory teaches a wonderful lesson on disobedience and it allows students to not only interact with the characters but it also allows students to not only interact with the characters but it also allows them to see their own disobedience as it relates to following the rules of their Mothers.

We, at Kemp Primary School , would like to say thank you Mr. Coleman, for introducing our students to Cory. We were honored to have you as our guest author, and for taking time to spend the day reading to our student body. We love Cory and cannot wait to see him in person . We salute you for a job well done, you and Cory. –Sincerely, Dr. Brenda Cloud Principal.

Pointe South Elementary

Greetings,Our school had the pleasure of veiwing and participating in the “The Adventures of Cory” presentation. Our Pre-k, Kindergarten,1st grade, and 2nd grade students loved the story and were so engaged in the story that they didn’t want it to end. Cory, himself , actually came out and danced with the kids and greeted them The students and teachers were very excited about the presentation and continue to ask when Cory will vist again.

The book is not only entertaining but has a very important moral and lesson for all students of all ages. We will definitely invite Cory back every year for our students. We cannot wait to see the musical and introduce him to the parents. Sincerely,
Mrs. T. Copeland
Pointe South Elementary
School Counselor